“I just got in a car accident, what do I do now?’

Q. Someone just hit me with their car. What do I do now?

Getting into a car accident is a very stressful. It’s okay if you are a little scared or nervous. You might not know what to do. That’s understandable. Most people are unprepared for an accident, since nobody wakes up in the morning and decides they will get in an accident that. day. First: consult with an experienced car accident attorney.https://legalsanctuary.org/san-diego-car-accidents-law/

It’s good to follow the steps below after any accident, no matter how serious.

  • Stay at the accident scene, don’t leave. If you flee the scene of an accident, you could face criminal charges, even if the accident is not your fault!
  • Make sure everyone is okay. First start with yourself, then check on your passengers if you have any. Then, if it is safe to do so, go ahead and check on the other people involved in the accident.
  • Always call the police. They might not come out to the scene if the injuries and crash are not significant enough, but it’s a good idea to call them every single time.
  • Exchange information with the other driver(s). The more information you can collect, the better. Start with the drivers license, license plate, insurance information. That is the minimum information you need to collect.

NEVER do these things

Never apologize, or make any unnecessary statements. All you need to do is ask for their information, and to make sure they don’t need emergency help. After that, your conversation is over. Anything you say to the other driver could be used against you somehow. Don’t make any statements other than asking if they are ok, and asking for their information. That’s it.

What happens next?

In the next few days, weeks or months you need to be very careful. The #1 concern for my clients is their health. There will be plenty of time to analyze the case, and speak to various attorneys, but beginning after an accident the most important thing to do is to see a doctor, have the doctor examine your injuries, develop a medical treatment schedule, and stick to that schedule.

You may start to get a lot of phone calls. It’s your insurance company. It may be the other driver’s insurance company. They’ll want to take a recorded statement. They may try to trick you into a fast settlement. Don’t talk to them. A qualified attorney will be able to give you specific advice, however just know that you really don’t need to talk to the other driver’s insurance company.

  1. Focus on your medical treatment
  2. Don’t talk to any insurance company about your accident.

You never have to talk to the other insurance company. You may have to talk to your own insurance company however. If your insurance company is asking to schedule a statement, call our office immediately at (888) 320-2058. What you say to your own insurance company may come back to haunt you later.