California Personal Injury and Car Accident Law

Were you injured in a car accident in California, caused by someone else?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration there were more than 10 million vehicle accidents in 2009, with over 2 million people injured in those accidents. These accidents can cause serious injuries and increase your levels of stress, anxiety and emotional distress.

Now You’re Wondering How To:

  1. Fix your car
  2. Pay for your medical bills
  3. Make up for missed days at work
  4. Get your life back together

Most vehicle accidents are caused by the carelessness of others. This is called negligence. Most drivers are really careful. You drive thousands of miles each year. You make sure your children are safely secure, you obey the traffic laws and you make sure all of your safety equipment (such as brakes and seat belts) are fully functional.

But no matter how safe you try to be, you are still at risk because other drivers may still hit you or otherwise cause an accident, injuring you. You can’t always prevent an accident, but you can work towards receiving compensation to make up for the pain, suffering and inconvenience you experienced.

Why You Might Need A Personal Injury Attorney

So now you must endure a physical recovery period that may last months or even years. Continuous medical treatment that inconveniences you, and causes you to miss time at work. Your emotions and stress level skyrocket. Your insurance company is calling you.The other other insurance company is calling you. You receive forms in the mail and you don’t know what they are for, and you don’t want to sign them. Next thing you know, medical bills start arriving in the mail. You now wonder:

  • When you’ll be back to work
  • Whether or not you’re ever going to fully recover
  • If your insurance is going to cover this, and
  • How will your family pay for all of this?

It’s a very stressful situation that would overwhelm anyone. A personal injury attorney can answer all of these questions, take over communications with the insurance adjusters, and handle your claim so you can relax and concentrate on recovering.